3 Major Aspects of InClass

Organize and Schedule your Online Classroom
Offer the Interactive Online Classroom
Leverage on Sessions Follow Up in 1 Click

Organizing and Scheduling

Add Class

Creation of a class as a group of students is simply made by adding a new class.

Add / Import Student

Students can be added 1 by 1 or imported in once from an Excel File.

Schedule Sessions

A subject and its courses can be created, edited or even duplicated easily. Sessions are created, edited or canceled easily. Any change of date/time generate a instant notification to the teacher and the students.

Assign Teachers

The teacher assigned receives a notification with possibility to accept/refuse the session. In case of refusal, pre-assigned teachers receive proposal of replacement.

Tasks System

Once the teacher has confirmed the conduct of a session, a task is assigned to the Teacher and the Students to launch the session.

Direct Access

The access to the session is done through the link from the platform or from an email in 1 click.

Courses’ Management

Courses’ table allows an easy management with features such as sorting, searching, filtering and actions such as adding, editing and documentation of any type.

Sessions’ Management

Sessions’ table allows an easy management with features such as sorting, searching, filtering and actions such as adding, editing and replay a session.

Students’ Management

Students’ table allows an easy management with features such as sorting, searching, filtering and actions such as adding, editing, deactivating a student.

Don't decrease their goal. Increase the effort! The Interactive Online Classroom

Conducting the Online Classroom Session

Launch 1 Click

The Launch of the Session by the Teacher and the Participation from the Student are triggered by 1 click from the Platform or from an Email.

Video HD

Our Online Interactive Classroom leverages on the latest technologies for Vidéo over the Internet and offer HD quality

Chat Private/Public

During the session, the students can exchange with the Teacher through public or private messages.

Screen Sharing

The Teacher can share his/her screen anytime and even ask a Student to share his/her screen.

Document Sharing

The Teacher can share anytime a Presentation or PDF with the students.

Video Sharing

The Teacher can share anytime a Video link with the students.

Notes Sharing

The Teacher can share anytime notes shared with the students.

Whiteboard Sharing Teacher

The Teacher can use Whiteboard mode to make any visual demonstration to the Students.

Interactive Whiteboard

The Teacher can use Whiteboard in interactive mode to get active participation from the Students.

Class Splitting

The Teacher can split anytime the session in working groups.


The Teacher can trigger poll for students, created on the fly, or prepared in advance.


Students can react anytime during the session with Emojis to alert the Teacher of a request to talk, to react with joy, confusion, etc .

Student Talk

The Teacher can give the floor to a student on demand for a question or simply to be tested on the fly.


The recording of each session is done automatically and the replay is available for the Teacher, the Students, and Members of the school the next morning.

Following up the Sessions

Auto-Management of Absences

Absent students at least one session, receive by end of the day a notification asking for justification that will be saved in their file.


Once the session is completed, an automatic report is sent with detailed information about Presence, Connexion Time and internal note from the Teacher.


The Dashboard provides a visualization in 1 glance of the statistics by Class, Student and Teacher.

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